Tirthraj Prayag (Allahabad)

The Tirathraj or Prayag Raj-rich in religious and national customs is pleasantly situated,since the very first light of civilization,at the intersection of the waterways Ganga Yamuna and undetectable Saraswati. Socially it has kept a considerable measure of our best traditions,intellectually it has been an incredible seat of light and adapting profoundly it gives vision and knowledge that makes man to love. Master Brahma,one of the three Gods of Hindu trinity is accepted to have performed 'yajna' to filter the climate when he made the universe.Hence the name Prayag,"the place of refinement". Amid the British run it turned into the seat of a Provincial Government,High court and a developments for social scholarly and Political upliftment of the nation. Prayag has dependably been nearly connected with India's battle for autonomy. The holy soil of Prayag was infrequently loaded with the blood of the saints.

Prayag has the more noteworthy religious centrality and is known as the lord of pilgrimages,because of being arranged at the intersection of three blessed streams. Prayag has got six ghats two each on Ganga and Yamuna and two at the intersection of these rivers.At every one of these ghats multitudinous journeys are situated.In the west of Sangam at some separation "Dhirrttya Kuliya" and "Madhu kuliya" are arranged, in front of them "Niranjan Tirtha" and in west of it is "Adutiya Tirtha". "Shrir Mochan" and "Parsu Ram Tirtha" are underneath the fort.The circumstance of hallowed Saraswati waterway is said to be at that place as well.To wash up at this place is said to be of more prominent religious importance.Taking shower at Gaughat is as sacred as giving dairy animals in charity.At some separation in front of these tirtha is "Kapil Tirtha" Which was built up by "Ruler Kapila". Here is the sanctuary of "Indeshwar Shiva" and close to it "Tarkeshwar Kund" and "Tarkeshwar Shiva" .

At Daraganj is Dasashwamedh Ghat and at this place Lord Brahma had performed "Yajna". About in west is Lakshmi Tirtha ahead to it in South is "Mahadevi Tirtha" encase region of it in south are arranged "Urvashi Tirtha" and "Urvashi Kund" Near Jhusi, Urvashi the well known artist of India, used to takr shower here. Crosswise over Triveni "Agnikar" is arranged which is known as "Arail" The sanctuary of "Someshwar Mahadev" is here and the place is celebrated as "Som Tirtha".

The Prayagraj is well known for Madho sanctuaries also.
Twelve Madho sanctuaries are arranged at various areas are given underneath:-

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