Information of Akhadaas

Tilak Ka Parichay:
The tilak on holy people's brow is essential as lets individuals to recognize his order. These tilaks on the temples of holy people from various akharas, groups, and factions are a fascination for the pioneer.

The Sadhus have distinctive convictions with respect to the markings on their bodies. There are three sorts of groups, which utilize sandalwood, gopi chandan and roli as tilak. The Saints from the Vaishnav order wear udharvapund, Shaiv organization wears tripund and Shakti group wears roli.

As indicated by Mahant Shri Nritya Gopal Das Ji Maharaj, the tilak and the hair display Indian culture and these are trimmings for men. Vaishnav group Brahmachari Bapoli said the tilaks help the sadhus to transcend cognizant, fantastic and semi-cognizant stage. These turn into an intend to accomplish God.

Clarifying the physical significance of tilak, he said that in the present situation man enjoys useless contemplations. A sort of vitality develops on his temple and the tilak empowers the sadhus to control it.

Shaiv and Vaishnav order sadhus assert that the tripundu and udharpundu display their Gods – Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shiv.

The Shakt Sect wears roli or dark tilak. They call it as a sparkling point. Delhi's Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairav Nath Saraswati said that as indicated by Indian culture, for a lady, her suhag is of preeminent significance. She wears a red roli. So also, the roli worn as straight lines demonstrates that the wearer would not be unfortunate. It demonstrates that God is one.

S.No. Community Akhara's Name Head Office Post


Shaiv (Sanyasi) Akhara

1- Shri Panchayti Akhara Mahanirvani


Daraganj, Prayag Allahabad

1.Shri Mahant Yogendra Giri Ji

2. Shri Mahat Jagdish Puri Ji

2.Shri Panch Atal Akhara

Chak Hanuman, Katuaapura, Kashi, Varanasi

1. Shri Mahant Udaygiri Ji

2. Shri Mahant Sanatan Bharti Ji

3. Shri Panchayati Akhara Niranjani

47/44 mori, Daraganj, Prayag Allabhad

1.Shri Mahant Ramanand Puri Ji

2.Shri Mahant Narendra Giri Ji

4. Taponidhi Shri Anand Akhara Panchayti

Swami Sagranand Ashram Trambkeshwar, Dist. Nasik Maharashtra

1.Shri Mahant Shankranand Saraswati

Shri Surya Narayan Temple,Trambkeshwar, Dist. Nasik Maharashtra

2.Shri Mahant Dhanraj Giri Ji

5. Shri Panchdashnaam Juna Akhara

Bada Hanumanghat, Kashi Varanasi

1.Shri Mahant Vidyanand Saraswati Ji

2. Shri Mahant Prem Giri ji

6. Shri Panchdashnaam Aavahan Akhara

D-17/122 Dashaswamegh Ghat, Kashi varanasi

1. Shri Mahant Kailash Puri Ji

2. Shri Mahant Satya Giri Ji

7. Shri Panchdashnaam Panchagni Akhara

Talhati Girnar, Post-Bhavnath, Dist.Junagarh,Gujrat

1. Shri Achyutanand Ji Brahmchari

Siddh Kali Peeth Gangapar Kali Temple, Haridwar, Uttrajhand

2. Shri Mahant Kailash Nand Ji Brahmchari


Bairagi (Vaishnav) Akhara

8.Shri Digambar Ani Akhara

Shyam Babab ki jhadhi Temple, Kosi Nagariya, 10 Viswa Mathura

1.Shri Mahant Krisnadas Ji Maharaj

Digambar Akhara Tapovan Nasik Maharashtra

2. Shri Mahant Ramkishoredas Ji

9. Shri Nirvani Ani Akhara

Shri Ayodhya Ji, Hanuman Garhi Dist.Faijabad

1. Shri Mahant Dharamdas Ji

Shri Lambe Hanuman Ji Temple, Behind Railway Line, Surat, Gujrat

2. Shri Mahant Jagannath Das Ji

10. Shri Nirmohi Ani Akhara`

Poorandas Ji Ki Bagichi, Bhilwada Rajasthan

1. Shri Mahant Ramakant Das Ji

Shri Jagannath Ji Temple, Jamalpur Ahamdabad, Gujrat

2. Shri Mahant Rajendradas ji


Udaseen Sampraday (Akhara)

11. Shri Panchayti Bada Udaseen Akhara

Krishnanagar Keedganj, Allahabad

1. Shri Mahant Durgadas Ji

2. Shri Mahant Agradas Ji

12. Shri Panchayti Akhara Naya Udaseen

Shri Panchayti Akhara Naya Udaseen, Kankhal Haridwar

1. Shri Mahant Bhagatram Ji

Shri Panchayti Akhara Naya Udaseen, 286 Mutthiganj Allahabad

2. Shri Mahant Jagtaar Muni ji

13. Shri Nirmal Panchayti Akhara

Shri Panchayti Akhara Nirmala, Satighat Road Kankhal Haridwar Uttrakhand

1. Shri Mahant Balbant Singh

2. Shri Mahant Devendra Shastri ji

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