Astrological Significance

Kumbh Mela is held at each of the four places in particular Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayag), Nasik and Ujjain once in like clockwork. It is known to be a period when profound vitality voyages all around the place amid this blessed occasion. It's a social agreement where you get the chance to see many holy people and sadhakas gathering at one place. This occasion even gives you the shot of looking for the endowments of these devout holy people.

The position of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in various zodiac signs decides the area of the Kumbh in each of these spots.

Kumbh in Haridwar : When the Sun is in the zodiac sign Aries and Jupiter is in Aquarius it is held in Haridwar.
Kumbh in Prayag : When the Sun is in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Taurus, it is held in Allahabad (Prayag).
Kumbh in Nasik : When Jupiter enters the zodiac sign Leo it is held in Nasik. It is additionally held in Nasik, when Jupiter, Sun and Moon enter the zodiac sign Cancer on Amavasya.
Kumbh in Ujjain :When the Sun is in the zodiac sign Aries and Jupiter in the zodiac Leo, it is held in Ujjain.

हरिद्वारे कुम्भयोगो मेषार्के कुम्भगे गुराै । प्रयागे मेषसंस्थेज्ये मकरस्थे दिवाकरे ।।
उज्जयिन्यां च मेषार्के सिंहस्थे च बृहस्पताै । सिंहस्थितेज्ये सिंहार्के नाशिके गौतमीतटे ।।
सुधाबिन्दुविनिक्षेपात् कुम्भपर्वेति विश्रुतम् ।।

It is the immense washing celebration which sees lakhs of enthusiasts meeting up from over the world to praise this month long gathering. The stylized showering happens in the sacred River Kshipra on the full moon day of Chaitra month and proceeds in various interims amid the whole month of Vaishakh, finishing on the tenth full moon day.

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